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How should a brand new clutch feel?

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What does a Brand new clutch feel like? | DSMtunersI have never driven a car with a brand new clutch so I dont know what its supposed to feel like. This clutch was VERY soft and took little pressure to press it to the 

new clutch, is this normal? - Page 1 - General GassingDec 9, 2012 — I had a new clutch fitted 2 weeks or 400miles ago. and this will make it feel really light, as the clutch beds in some of this will wear away but a new clutch will make the car drive like a brand new car, so at least it felt like I Brand New Clutch Feels Soft Jun 10, 2014 — etc. and even the description of the clutch says "designed to give an OEM feel" THIS DOESN'T FEEL LIKE OEM! So my question, What could be 

What Does a Brand New Clutch Feel Like?
  B F c J H d L D
BFSB 353210 10.8125 in - - - - - - 8.8594 in
sta3072 95 mm - 3 mm 156 mm - - - 200 mm
57277 - - - - 225,000 mm - - 1280,000 mm
HR30206J 33 mm - - - - - - 140 mm
SF-0816 - 119 mm - - - 100 mm - -
K86890 K86895 K118891 - - - - - - - 4-1/4 in
K86002 K85600 K120198 - - - - - 0.5000 in - -
K85507 K86860 K120178 - - - - - - - 3.5800 in
K85508 K86861 K120190 - - - - - 7/8 in - 1-1/16 in
BFSB 353312/HA1 34.1 mm - - - 73.5 mm - 76 mm -
BFSB 353320/HA4 118 mm - - - - - - 440 mm

How To Tell When You Need A New Clutch In A Manual CarI go over some symptoms and signs of needing a new clutch. I went through this on my previous car, so I am

How should the clutch feel? - QuoraIn this case the clutch should feel light and easy. incline, sometimes it is best to spin your tires, not your clutch: it's cheaper!). If i. Continue Reading. NatrajNew clutch feels different, but I don't think this is normal?Jan 7, 2014 — I know that a new clutch will feel different, but I don't think this is normal. is talking about , my brand new clutch in my IX does not engage high 

How Is a New Clutch Supposed to Feel?
SKF Screw-down Bearings AC compressor bearings Air compressor bearing Air conditioning compressor bearing AST Bearing
BFSB 353325/HA3 NU208-E-XL-TVP2 7307B-TVP HR323/32A AST40 7060
634011 A BC1-1699 QJ310MPA 30306JR 6001-2RS
BFS-0004 E/HA3 NU2203ECP   7306B-DVT?UO BVN-7102B AST090 22080
353153 BVN7107B NU211E-TVP2 STA3072-9 AST090 17590
353013 A 6212 NJ314E-TVP2 BC1-1697 AST40 F22200
BFSB 353327/HA3 31312-A-T29B NU309E-TVP2 BVNB 311503 AAX 695H-2RS
353115 7311-B-XL-TVP-UO NU2207E-TVP2 U399 24156MBW33
634059 7219-B-XL-TVP-UO NU310E-TVP2 BC1-0014CA 7024AC
- NU2212ECP   - SF-0820 51332M
- - - - AST850SM 4530

I got a new clutch in my car : cars - RedditI've never driven a car with a clutch so mint and I'm so used to my old clutch. What should I do when it comes to driving with a new clutch? Thank you!What should a brand new clutch feel like?Jan 9, 2003 — I just got my clutch done and i was wondering what it should feel like. When i got it back i didn't like how it felt at all. DIdn't grab untill the pettal 

New clutch feels much lighter | Ford Fiesta ST ForumDec 17, 2015 — Noticed right away that the clutch pedal was. Drove my cousin's brand new Fiesta ST(Euro spec) in August 2015 and Should be in the R.OBrand New Clutch- Should it feel like this | SaabCentral ForumsJan 14, 2010 — 1. The clutch disengages practically right at the floor. As soon as I let it go a tiny bit the gears engage. The pedal is also much, much 

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